Tuesday, April 08, 2008

a hell of a taxi ride.

The night before yesterday i had a hell of a taxi ride from this cab uncle.
He was going at 140km per hour, holding the steering wheels with just one hand, very relax.

seriously 140km is muchmuch faster then 110km.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

i dunno

i am so out of the world now.

i mean.

i dun go msn anymore, dun blog anymore, dun go friendster and facebook anymore, but i still check my mail like usual because there might be freelance jobs assignments.

instead i watch animal planet everynight, read on photography everyday, conceptualize design idea for portfolio (the best ideas always come to me when im showering) and i found out the best place to do my work is at mengrong house.

because i dun have to wake up to fetch bell from school. no need to be bombarded with phonecalls because i can off my phone. and no animal planet to watch means i will concentrate on just materialize previous design concept.

besides, staying at jalan kayu mean getting to eat MUSHROOM PRATA everyday. everynight.

after this project, im going to start painting mengrong's room wall. he allowed.=)

den do lots of proposal for FYP.

den go ikea buy some funiture for my bro's ROM gift.

den wee. school reopen. hell begins, with a ==.== [super sian] face.

and what the fuck is corporate communication.


i was aiming that module for like so long ever since year2.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

everyone loves a wedding!

attending wedding event is nice.
gather with family, relatives, is a happy event.

so everyone loves wedding event!
except maybe my parents who need to BAO ANGBAO?

This is the Bride and Groom!
My cousin and her husband.

This is my uncle and I who were say to be resembling each other.

this photo is funny.
the camera flash cause the exposure problem.
we look like the wax status behind belle.

Our blessings to the couple,
百年好和 =)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bangkok Trip

Do you know that the first ever sentence that was type on the computer was "Hello World"?

I am back from bangkok like 7 days ago and currently still doing nothing at home. i am going crazy and depress because i really really really really have nothing to do at home. Everyone else will be telling me how busy they are, how they wish they got no attachment, i wish i have man.

i spent days thinking of FYP projec, buy 4Ds, buy totos, play MJ, learning how to cook chawamushi..... right now im waiting for yap mengrong to buy back the ingredients to cook chawamushi.

since i am so free, let me post up some 100photos of my bangkok trip. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ aren't you excited?

irony, linda call me to ask me where is asia hotel as i was posting this entry. They are in bangkok already!

okay photos.

this is MR trying to be funny, holding up this big cig. box brought at duty free shop.
this is my younger sister, and her bf, tengteng. They are one sticky couple.
Introducing my niece, which means my elder sister daughter, BELLE SIM. in case you dont know, Belle means swee char bo / chio bu. Get it?
This is swee char bo, which is me.
This is the mother earth. weeee...flyflyfly. Don't understand why everyone likes to take photos of the sky when they are on board. OMG, I just did it.

Upon landing at night, we check in at the hotel and went for a feast! We took TUKTUK there.
and after finishing the great feast (i got bitten twice by mosqitoes) at the restaurant, we negotiate with the TUKTUK driver on the price.
too exp. SUAN LIAO. father suggest we walk back.

the next dayyy.....
first event of the day is to go praying...
THERE. i say they are the sticky couple right. lol.

In thailand, all the big shopping malls has got a praying area. This is one of the famous one.
my apology. the photo is upside down. bear with it ahahahhaa... the 3 aunties sitting on the chair is getting blessed by the singers behind. they sing and dance to bless..
next, we went shopping at chinatown! the unhappy yap mengrong not very happy ah. There wasn't much things for guys to shop there.
shopshopshop. but very squeezy there. narrow allays...

cheapcheapcheap. everything is cheap ooo..

joey buying the magic wallet. Far east plaza sells $5, we can get it at 50Bhat. which is... $2.10?

my father also not very happy, because he dun like to shop. LOL!
they sell these there too. but not cheap too compared to Singapore.

finally an allay where we can walk comfortably...

juan! i saw marshall...
fatter version.
DAMN FAT. see the bulge at the stomach, its not the fur... its the stomach.

old tortoise.
ahahha. funny faces.
AHAHHAHAH. ever funnier face.

this is our hotel lobby. i strongly recommand to stay at this hotel, centerpoint....
its more like an executive service apartment. Got kitchen living room in the apartment we stay.
i was damn paranoid about stayin in the hotel. i place amulet at bedside, leave my slippers parallel, opposite from each other..............
ahahhaha. i see middle finger.
ahahhahaha. i forgot what they are laughin about alr.

the next day.............................
we went for a half day tour..... following the tour agent. Its free, but at the end of the tour, you are expected to give service tips, 100bhats.
so he bring us on a boat tour.

bimbo. keep talking photos.
finally i have got ONE photo.
the longlong thing amaze me. dunno whats that. military cabin boat?
finally after waiting, going to board the boat loooo...

its damn rocky when i took this photo.giddy giddy. lucky i didnt apply for any navy scholarships.
here we goooooooooo............
most of the people on boat are singaporeans, malaysian...
this is a very famous temple.

another temple.
the king's boat.
flowers!!! cost 20bhats each.
floating "market".

lots of sandine fishes. imagine some fishes that got stuck at the boat turning engine, they will really turn into minced sandines fish can.
this is my older sister and chiobu.
my dad's second time taking the boat. so he's not very excited.

another temple. there is 3 levels here. the stairs are sososo steep. i can only climb up to level 2 at most. as i climb higher ah, my heart beat even faster.

on the boat, the tour guide remind us if we see any holes, do not put our head inside the hole....
and upon alighing from the boat, my sister and bell saw this HOLES and.....................

after taking the photos for them, someone out of nowhere came over and ask money from me.
each hole cost 40bhats, 4 holes 160 bhats. =.=

there are alot of scammers around.
other one is the snake.

if there is anyone who offer to put his snake around you neck, don't allow it.
they will demand money from you after that.

this is a $3.50 baht boat trip. $3.50 is very cheap... is 10cents in SG dollars i think.

see see look look. porn magazine lying around... hrrrmmmm..

yet another palace.

Next we were brought to this leather factory.
as i enter the place, all i can think of is
animal cruelty.....=.=
the queen palace.
on the van...
this is the van that brings us around, to airport and blehblehleh.

there is this place that sells wonderful wanton mee.
even better then singapore's.
i dun like to eat noodles,
but i must say, its really BAGUS.

thailand coke bottles.
for dinner, we try a roadside stall at chinatown. Chinatown at night will be filled with food stalls, in the morning, its shopping paradise!

anyway, we order this plate of fried prawns...
as MR was cutting up his fried prawn,
he notice something...
there is maggots in it.

ahahahaha! lucky i didnt eat any.

the next day... we went shopping till siao.
camera no more batt and i forgot to charge,
so this is the last photo i took.

airport,, waiting to depart.
our flight was delayed for 2 hrs.

so we walk from one end of the airport to the other end.

BACK to singapore!!
the first thing i did was go to linda house and fetch kopi back.
back home i let him try on the clothes i brought for him..
so cute right.

weee yapmengrong is back.....
just nice.